Thursday, May 21, 2009

The Pump is in My Bottom

Yesterday, Sophie woke up and came into my bed and started singing a song:

The pump is gonna be in my bottom today,
in my bottom, bottom, bottom, today.

And then cracked up at herself.

And then today the song went: (try to guess)

The pump IS in my bottom today,
my bottom, bottom, bottom....ha, ha, ha, ha...:-)

She handled it all well yesterday. She wanted to skip past the part where Joe and I had to sit through the class and learn how to use, fill, and change sites on the little thing. But, when it came to actually putting it in, and getting it started, she did great. Very calm, and very proud of herself. Wanted to call her grandparents and tell them all about it, right way.

The overnight part was, as we feared, not so fun. It wasn't bad in the "she freaked out" sort of way. She actually tested well. But, the first time we tested, she was 79, which isn't technically low, but I was afraid she'd go below 70, so I made her drink a little juice.

The second testing at 2 am went fine too, but she couldn't go back to sleep. Somewhere in there, Norah and Jossie picked up on the tension, and couldn't sleep either. So, I spent a couple of hours in there trying to lull everyone back to sleep. When I wasn't in there, Joe was. Norah was in my bed, and completely crying, fitful, etc. Bummer.

Probably we had about 2-3 hours of sleep total. I'm praying tonight goes better. Unfortunately, because of the crazy lack of sleep, her behavior went off the deep end before bedtime tonight. So, it's all a little stressful.

So far, she hasn't had any scary moments. It's not regulating her blood sugar as well as shots were yet, but I know that will get better, as we can do so many more tiny adjustments that can't be done with shots.

Anyway, thought I'd give an update for anyone who might have been wondering. I'm too tired to say much more.

Hopefully pics of the pump tomorrow. As well, as deep, insightful, inspirational thoughts. Ha!


Laura said...

I think you all are going to LOVE being on the pump. Your life is going to feel more stressful for awhile as you adjust to it, but the FREEDOM is amazing :) Tell her that Carter and I will be excited for her to share her pump this summer! What kind are you all getting :) When we have to switch in a couple of years, I am sure you will be coaching me! I am happy for you all :) Let me know if I can help at all.

Anjanette said...

We went mini-med, since Cosmo was discontinuing. And yes, please help! Or at least pray. We're changing sites tomorrow. Scary!

Kelly said...

hoping tonight is a good nights rest for all, love you friend!