Saturday, May 9, 2009

Losing Teeth

Sophia has lost her top front tooth, which looks pretty funny to all of us. It was a little traumatic, as it was spurred on by the eating of an apple, and much bleeding followed. But, after giving a list of the types of teeth she has (A lost tooth, a loose tooth, a new tooth, a sweet tooth, an old tooth, a bottom tooth, a top tooth, and a white tooth) she went to sleep and is awaiting the tooth fairy. Sadly, she's expressing her doubts about the magical creature, since she recently found a four-leaf clover and hasn't seen anything magical or "lucky" come of it. You can see her reasoning for doubting the fairy, right?
Can I say this one makes me a little sad? Baby teeth are just so cute. She always had this gap between her two front teeth, and when she was 2 or 3 she would ask me when her other tooth was going to grow in, you know, the one in the middle, she'd say. Awww. It's a little hard letting go of the baby...

Well, anyway, the tooth fairy has had fun with using the moment to speak some truth into her life and giving her a smile and a buck all at the same time.

Here's the tooth fairy's latest letter:

Dear Sophia,

Wow! I can’t believe you’ve already lost your front tooth! Was it scary when it came out? I took a peak, and it looks like I’ll be back soon for the one right next to this one.

It looks like you have still been brushing well, as this tooth is also shiny-clean! Keep up the good work!

You look so peaceful and sweet when you sleep, just like God made you to be. I know you are learning more and more about Him and how much He loves you. Jesus is the best friend we could ask for, a more precious gift than even my little token for your tooth. I know He will continue to give you a strong heart and courage as you conquer the tough times in life. He told me recently how much you have been learning to trust Him. That makes me happy. And the tooth fairy needs lots of happiness to keep these wings fluttering.

You are such a sweet girl, Sophia. I must leave now to gather teeth from other boys and girls. Enjoy my little gift to you.

I’ll see you again very soon! You are keeping me busy!

Your Friend,

The Tooth Fairy

It also has this beautiful picture of the sweet fairy at the top, though it wouldn't cut and paste onto the blog. Oh well.

May you too keep believing in fairies...or at least the power that comes from believing you are this precious person who is loved and created by God alone.