Monday, July 28, 2008

When do we go to Heaven?

Nothing like a question about eternity from your 3-year-old. So, I do my best to explain that God gives us a lot of things to be happy about on Earth. And that there are two alternatives: we die and go to Heaven, or someday Jesus will come for us all. She says, "I think we should all go at the same time." I said, "Me too. Let's wait for Jesus to come get us." Then she's quiet for a few moments, and pipes up with a big smile, "If I don't like God, do you think I can go live with Nana and Wa?"

Don't feel bad to the rest of you, we didn't get picked either.

Friday, July 25, 2008

Dee-Doo's and Abomacados

These are a few of the things I don't want to forget that they've said. They're cute, and you should think about using a few yourself. Sophie has had the most of the unusual pronunciations/words. Or maybe since she was the first I remember them more. No, couldn't be that!


Dee-Doo (Thank you)

Me-me (Excuse me)

Oh Nee (Oh Man! or Oh My! or Oh No!)

Beanarina (Ballerina)

Zuzic Twuck (Music Truck...which is what we called it in an effort to not make her aware of what glorious treasures were for sale in the rusty driving mobile. It was going great til Uncle Johnny visited one time and thought it hilarious to spoil our little secret. Now we hold our breath when we hear the music, hoping their little ears are too occupied to notice).

Lellow (Yellow...also taught to Jossie by Sophie)

Bressis (Breakfast...still uses it today)


I Nungy (I'm hungry)

Fee Fee (Sophie...we still call her that as one of her nick-names).

Abomacado (Avocado)

Bisgetti (Spaghetti)


Oy goy boy doy oy noy doy (Her best shot at conversation...says it over and over very emphatically).

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Him's Bottom's on Him's Head!

Jossie cracks us up all of the time! She is funny, and I don't know if she knows how funny she is sometimes. She is constantly in a make-believe world. She's making anything that's in her hands have a conversation. Literally, anything, like two scraps of paper, toothbrushes, bottles of lotion, dinosaur toys, hair ties, whatever!

So, the other day, she is laughing to herself, and not really making a big deal about what she's doing. Though, this time she does think she's a bit funny. She's playing with a Mr. Potato Head, and had taken the bottom off to get the accessories out. She says, "Look! Him's bottom's on him's head!" Sure enough she had stuck it on his head. Then back to talking for the potato head and in her own little world, she says very seriously in her best potato voice, "Shoo-wee! It smells like bottom in here!" And giggles. Of course her immature parents giggle too, and snap this lovely little picture!

Little Norah

Ahh, she's so stinkin' cute! Where to begin? She turned one yesterday, and though she hasn't grown much hair in the last year, she definitely took on a bit more of a one-year-old attitude. Not too naughty, just proud of herself. She's starting to point at everything she wants with a very serious face, like, "you're going to give that to me." She knew that her presents were her's. She was reaching in the bags, and of course loved the tissue paper as much as the present. But, definitely made some ooh's and ah's about each of her gifts, including the clothes. When she got her own soft chair to sit in (like her sisters', only smaller), she squealed and hugged it, and squealed and hugged it. So precious.

She has been such a precious little baby for us. I can't decide if she has me convinced that babies are easy, or that we should stop having them now and end on a high note. Ha! Her favorite words right now, are "Mama!" (said like a little Italian), and "Hi Daddy!", and "Hi Sissy" (though that sounds more like "shishy"), and the other day she picked up a baby doll and said "my baby". She also has this cute thing when she's doing something new that she's proud of, like standing up, she'll say "ah-oooh" in a very sing-songy way.
She loves to play peek-a-boo with anyone, but even herself in the mirror. She'll say "Hi Baby" and then look behind the mirror to find the baby, and then look in the mirror and say it again, and just laugh. She has the cutest little giggle and just belts out the giggles anytime you tickle her, or try to get her (which is her favorite game with Daddy). In public, you wouldn't know if she's too giggly though. She's very serious with people she doesn't know. People all the time will comment that she's serious, or even giving them a dirty look. Her Uncle Johnny calls it the "stink-eye!" We think it's hilarious, because you never can be too certain about those strangers.

She's not walking yet, but she will stand up in the middle of the room. By the third baby, we've stopped worrying about when she'll walk. In her own time, and when she's not meaning to. Jossie, had a definite goal of walking, and was purposeful in making it happen. Norah, thinks you're pretty silly when trying to make her walk.

She still nurses, and I love our little alone times together. She strokes my skin, well sometimes grabs my fat, but mostly strokes gently. She puts her cheek against mine still, and I get to sway with her and hum "rockabye baby" or "go to sleep little baby" until she's asleep. I often still cry when I do that, because I know how quickly they grow, and what a precious gift it is that I get to hold her, and give her security, and assure her that all is right with the world. Oh, that baby skin and baby smell...I just love it! And, in case it isn't obvious, I just love her.