Thursday, January 29, 2009

And They Lived Happily Every After

This story isn't actually about Joe and I, though we are doing our best to live "happily ever after." I just thought the pic went well with the title, and this is from Joe's birthday dinner recently.

I'm homeschooling the girls...well mostly Sophia at this point. Jossie joins us for a little of the learning, and then heads to go play before long. (Totally fine, that's what she should be doing). I still am mastering the art of a daily routine to stick's so against my nature, so we'll see if I ever make that happen. We really just didn't do much schooling after Sophia's diagnosis. Dealing with diabetes ended up taking up so much of my mental space, as well as my time, that I had to set a goal for January. The beauty of homeschool, is I can do that. I can continue to educate her over the summer if I want to, or whenever works for us.
I feel like I got into this because I had no other options, and now I'm starting to embrace it as something that is really good for our family. There is a ton of support in Oklahoma, because it's one of the easiest states in which to homeschool. So, I know several moms and there are a lot of co-ops, and support groups, resources for when they're older, homeschool sports and gyms, etc. I'm starting to see where the more my kids are with me, the better they are in social settings, not worse as the assumption is often made about homeschoolers. For my kids who tend to be shy, I think it's because there is less pressure and stress, and more direct training of character on a consistent basis, and therefore it's easier to be confident and be themselves when they're around others. It's still a work in progress, but aren't we all?
It has definitely gotten easier since we started again. I know it has so much to do with her body feeling better. In September, she just complained of being "too tired" every day. I thought she was just being gamey at the time, because she had a tendency to not want to do most things I told her to do. But, clearly she wasn't feeling well, because her diagnosis was October 6th. She is such a different person today than she was just 4 months ago. I keep planning on writing about her progress, but I want a lot of time and mental space to focus on it, and haven't had the chance recently. Soon, I promise.
Anyway, I wanted to share the stories the girls had dictated for me to write the other day. This is one of the most rewarding aspects, is getting to first-hand observe them as they are learning new things, and to see their excitement for learning. Sophia told me last night, "Mommy, I love school. I love learning new things, and I want to do it every day now." I liked that. So, here is her story. We were learning about reminiscing in writing, so this is her version...Jossie's to follow.

I am older now, and when I was younger, I was a princess. But now that I am older, I am a queen. I remember once when I was a little princess I got a new pair of two dresses. And then I went to princess school in them. When I was playing at school, I wore it for a lot of days and for a while too. And then it got very, very dirty. And then one night it was ball night, and I awas going to dance with the prince. The prince really wanted me to dance with him. And then he saw the dress was very dirty and he said, " Are you the girl I wanted to marry?" And then me the princess said, "I'll go buy a new dress real, real quick." And then I got back and I got married at the dance and then we lived happily ever after.

The End.

Jossie's Story:

Once I was a princess. I loved to dance. And I lived in a home that was very small. And so one night I loved my Daddy and he was so handsome that I wanted to give him a big hug. And so one day he wanted to pick a flower for me. And so then I loved my mommy's shirt, it was so beautiful. And so my sister and I wanted to play ball catch. And so then my mommy got married. And then we lived happily ever after.

Dee End.

Monday, January 5, 2009

I scream "I'm Cheap!"

So, I don't spend a lot on myself. Tend to buy super-clearance clothes, Payless shoes, etc. I've found that cheap sunglasses are also best, especially since someone in the back seat always wants to borrow them, and they're either covered in fingerprints, or they're getting broken into multiple pieces. In fact, I just had to purchase new sunglasses due to Norah breaking them in half a couple of weeks ago.

This brings me to oh-so-embarrassing today.

I was rushing out the door to take the girls to gymnastics. They are in back-to-back classes. (Which only matters, because I was there for so long). So, I grabbed my never-worn shades and cut the tag off of them and threw them up on my head. Got in the car and started driving, but since it was cloudy out, I never pulled them down over my eyes and forgot they were up there.

So, over two hours later, I get home and look in the mirror. I not only realize that I had left my shades on my head, but that I had also left the $5.99 sticker on the eye piece. So that's what you see when you see me and my sunglasses staring at you. I talked to several of the moms, and coaches, and receptionist. Did anyone mention my price tag? Nope!

So there. Now you know too. I'm cheap!

Thursday, January 1, 2009


How do I let these things happen? I blame it on being tired from staying up past midnight.

I was sitting at the computer tonight and Norah wandered off. Joe asked where she was, and I facetiously said, "probably playing in the toilet." To which Sophie said, "I'll go look for her."

"Nope, not in the front bathroom."

"Look in the other one," says Mom.

Moment later: Sophie comes running back giggling, "Oh my gosh! She totally has her hands in the toilet and is putting her hands up to her mouth like this and is drinking the water out of it!"

Screaming in my head!!! Screaming in my head!!!

I of course bolt in there to discover her also giggling as she's scooping toilet water into her mouth.

The only thing that saves the complete grossness factor is that at least no potty was left in the potty, and Joe said, "Oh, I even double-flushed last time!"

Good. Now I feel so much better.