Saturday, March 15, 2008

I'm not a woman yet

This happened in December...Tonight, Sophie had on mascara for her ballet dress rehearsal. Before bedtime, she said, Mommy I'm going to need you to take my make-up off in the morning before school. I'm not a woman yet. I don't want people to think I look like a woman. I don't want to grow up too fast." I said "OK", but inside I'm thinking, "Do all 4-year-olds think this deeply about the impact of their make-up?"

A little too much for preschool

Please tell me that sex education doesn't begin in preschool by peers. Sophia often calls her private area her front-bottom. She was getting dressed today and started giggling, and says, "My friend from school said that your front bottom, you know in the middle, is called your China! Can you believe that? It's not a China!" I of course giggled, because I don't know how to refrain sometimes. Then during bath I told her to wash her China. Joe yells, "Honey!!" I said, "what?"

God is so Hoooge!

Jossie said the other day..."Mommy, I can't hardly believe it that God is sooo Hoooge! I mean, He's bigger than the whole world. He and Jesus are sooo Hoooge! Can you believe it?" I just giggled..It was cute.