Sunday, May 3, 2009

The Pump is in the Mail

I got a call on Friday from our diabetic pump company. He said we were approved by our insurance company, and all he needed was a little information.

Sophie chose a pink pump.

Of course.

Anyway, we worked out a financial plan, and as soon as I can get the lessons scheduled with the clinic we are a go for the next phase.

I hear it's a rough first couple of weeks working out the kinks and new ratios. It makes you feel a lot like the beginning again for a while. I'm not excited about that, but her birthday is coming up, and I'd love to be on the upswing and have things more stable by then.

I cried when I got off the phone. I'm just excited to see us move forward and maybe see some stability.

Keep her in your prayers as we step into this new phase. She's also had a lot of complaints of not feeling well lately. We don't know if she's just hypersensitive to her body because of the whole diabetes experience, or if she is sick with something. We'll be checking into that this week too.

Addendum: Darn! We can't get a start date until May 20th due to the clinic lady being in Jury Duty. Oh well, I'm sure there's something to be worked on or learned in the waiting process.


Kelly said...

we will be praying for all of you all as you move forward with the pump. I love that she chose a pink one :) Can't wait to hang out again, dinner soon. Love you.