Thursday, January 21, 2010

Fog and Funnies

Sorry it takes me so long to post sometimes.  I am definitely in 1st trimester fog.  I'm pretty tired and worn out most of the time, and definitely feeling sick off and on throughout the day.  So my focus is just to get through the day and attempt to feed and clothe my children.  I'm even attempting a bit of homeschool, so as to not fall behind, but that's about it.  

The other day I was trying to rest and ignore the sibling rivalries for about 5 minutes.  It didn't work out too well though.  I could hear Jossie and Norah fighting and tried to holler out a few times, "Hey girls!  Talk nice!" or something lame and lazy like that.  Jossie comes running in crying with a big red spot on her arm where Norah has bit her!  Seriously!!??  Ugh...  So, I had to discipline Norah, and comfort Jossie, and in the middle of dealing with that, Sophie comes in and announces that her blood sugar is 37!!  Not good.  So, I run and get her juice and she tells me that she had been feeling low for a while, but was hoping for a better snack.  I told her, "that's how kids pass out, is not knowing when it's gotten too low.  Very bad for your body, Darling."  She understood.  Norah apologized.  Jossie forgave.  But, Jossie also said, "I've never bit anyone."  She just wasn't made with that kind of will or tendency.  

So, a couple of funny Norah moments.  She's at that really cute 2 year-old stage where her adult statements are too funny, especially with her 2-year-old lisps.  

She climbed into bed the other morning around 5 am with us.  She said she wanted to snuggle with Daddy. So get gets all cozy with him and says, "Your breff stinks.  You needs to brush yo's teef."  We both cracked up at her.  You want to be so mad that she's interrupting our sleep at 5 am, but with out of nowhere statements like that, you can't help but laugh.

Later she came in crying about a binky making her gag.  Disclaimer: she doesn't use one (not that it's bad if she did.  Ha! Ha!  Do you like my disclaimer for my disclaimer?).   She's all mad at Jossie for saying it made her gag.  She says, "NO!  I din't gag!  I frowed up on my binky." (big tears coming now)  "I need to go to the hossssipital."  The girls and I busted out laughing, which made her cry harder.  Daddy was there to be the hero and comfort her though and assure her it was a serious thing that had occurred.