Thursday, May 14, 2009

Mostly Pics and Prayers

First off, please be praying for Sophia in the coming weeks/months. Two reasons: 1) She's starting the pump on Wednesday, so that's going to be a huge transition. She doesn't do waking up in the middle of the night well, so we'll see how that part goes, as we have to test 1-2 times nightly for a while. 2) She was pre-diagnosed with possible Celiac disease this week. We can't get into the specialist for 3 months to find out if it's true. You can google it to understand it more. But, basically it means no wheat, or any products with gluten. So, no normal mac-n-cheese, cookies, cheez-its, sandwiches, breaded nuggets, etc. The things that kids eat, and the things that I've come to make our "normal" diet out of for keeping her numbers stable with diabetes. So, my prayer is that the initial report is wrong, and that this is NOT a disease she has to live with. Please agree with us for that. I feel God wants us to trust Him to make that happen. We already accepted that we would trust Him to get us through if it's true, but somehow trusting Him for healing, and a good report seems more outside of what we believe sometimes.

Now for pics.

The toothless grin is here: #2 fell out this morning.

Here's the pic she drew of the toothfairy for the toothfairy:

Norah trying to fill some big shoes.

And being Daddy's "Ba-Pa!" (Back Pack).

"Queen Princess Jossie" during her last day of school:

And hoping the goofy knight will rescue her:

Our tea party for girls only on Saturday.

Nana and Aunt Rosemary donning their wrapping paper hats with style.

Sophie decorating the paper for our paper fans we made at the party.

Jossie politely sipping.

Norah politely sipping.

Jossie thoroughly annoyed with her hat. Actually she loved it until Sophie was thoroughly annoyed with her own hat, and then Jossie followed suit.

The girls celebrating their summer birthdays together at the homeschool co-op.


Kelly said...

Wowsers you have been quite the blogger lately, it took me awhile to get caught up but it was well worth it! I loved all the pics and sweet little stories, I love your girls they are beautiful inside and out just like their mother.

Gayla said...

totally praying for sophie right now- for total peace and for total healing!

love, love, love the tea party and the party hats!!! can't wait to learn how to make those when i finally have a daughter! :-)