Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Scarwy Ol' Cow and Repressed Violence


A couple of weeks ago I took the girls to a dairy farm for some fresh raw milk.  We purposely went when they would be milking the cows so we could see them.  We bought our milk and then went over to the big building with the big windows to watch outside while the milk flowed freely into the big clear pipes to the big steel drum.  Norah expressed  a little concern, which I promptly ignored as the man opened the door and said we could view a little closer...not in the building, but at the door.

I was excited.  I turned to ask the girls what they thought and saw I was missing a Noni (AKA Norah).  I looked through the window to see her running back to the car.  She was quickly retrieved and still none too excited about the cows and well, downright scared.  

Later that night I asked her why she was so scared of the cows, and she replied in all seriousness, "because, they can jump over the moon!"

Her reasoning was sound.

Then, last week, she had a rough encounter with a stray dog.  It mostly scared her and was being playful, but jumped on her, sent her screaming, and sent many people out of downtown buildings to see what was all the commotion.  A security guard finally secured the dog and walked it away from us.  Later in the evening during bedtime the older two were talking about how they hoped nothing bad happened to that dog.  Norah paused from drinking her bottle, and said, "I hope he takes the dog to a lake with lots of alligators and the alligators eat him."  Back to drinking the bottle.

Yep.  Straight to the special death.  Don't all 3-year-olds think this way?  I promise we don't watch violent shows... that funny girl.