Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Nudey Booty

Don't worry.

Tonight, I managed to make dinner (small miracle, and not the point of the story).

Sophie had just gotten home from ballet with Joe. He quickly tested her and got her shots ready. She had on her practice leotard and tights and had to pull the whole thing down to her ankles so she could get her shots. (OK, I don't know why all the way to her ankles, but that's where they ended up).

So, Norah's screaming at me from being overly tired, and tired of being in the highchair for too long. Jossie's playing around with her food and the flowers on the table, and between the two of them, I don't notice Sophie come back to the table. We get all the way through dinner with her eating without her leotard on (since I don't like her to spill dinner on it, I always have her take it off or put on jammies first). I don't know what made me do it, but just before I got up, I thought I'd look under the table to see if she still had her tights on. Much to my surprise, she'd been totally naked the whole dinner.

I said, "You're a nudey booty!"

She giggled and stood up. "No! Hee! Hee! They're still around my ankles!"

You have to admit, we all wish we were that carefree sometimes. Key West, here I come!

Just kidding! Eeww!