Sunday, August 17, 2008

How do we hear God?

We've picked each of the girls' names for their meaning, and because we like the names of course. Sophia means "wisdom." Another time I'll tell you about the other two gals' meanings. But, we find that they each live up to their meanings in amazing ways. For example...

So, Sophie is 3 years old in this story. Not kidding. (You'll see why I'm not kidding in a moment). She and Jossie and I are in the car and I'm feeling a bit melancholy about life and not really feeling like a deep conversation. But, it didn't really matter what I wanted this moment, and God really yanked on my heart with this one. Sophie says out the clear blue, "Mommy, how do we hear God?" hmmm?? My amazing response, "You should ask your Dad when you get home. He seems to hear God talk to him more than I do." "Why?" (Of course "why," she's 3!) My thoughts: I'm such a moran. Did I really just tell her to ask her dad on such a real and pertinent question?? So, I pipe up..."well, it's not that we can't hear Him. Well...uh, we don't hear Him the way we hear each other...uh, though you can hear specific things from Him. Well, can hear Him through things like nature, and sunsets, and..." She interrupts, "I think I know. Is it like, the more we worship Him and love Him and get to know Him, then the more He speaks to us and we can hear Him?" Me: "uh, Yeah Sweetie, I think you answered your own question." Then I drove like a happy, but dumbfounded lady the rest of the way home.
(This picture is from the day of this conversation. We were on our way back from Mother-daughter tea party, and I was pregnant...not just large.)


Jeanette said...

I get goose bumps when I read this. She's had several moments of "wisdom" like this hasn't she!!