Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Calm Down Everybody!

I mentioned Sophia's name meaning. Well, Josselyn means "joyful." She truly lives up to this name. She is joyful in most everything she does. She's silly and playful, and generally happy. "She's such a goof," as Joe always says.

Anyway, on Christmas morning she did a funny. My Dad, Joe's parents, and his Grandma Reta were all at our house when the girls woke up. It hadn't snowed or anything significant. However, Santa had clearly visited and there were a few piles of gifts to be opened. Those didn't seem to surprise her or intrigue her much. When she groggily walked out in the living room, she quietly climbed up on the couch between grandparents. She looked out the window for a moment. Maybe she was looking for a sign of Santa's sleigh or reindeer, we're not sure. But, she turned around with a big smile and said, "Oh I see, It IS Christmas!" Then, as though we were all squealing with excitement, she hopped down into the middle of the room and looked at us all and said, "Calm down everybody. Everybody, Just Calm Down!" (while motioning with her arms emphatically too). Then she giggled at herself and ran to her presents.

Definitely one of those wish we had it on video tape moments.


Jeanette said...

This is truly a moment none of us will forget!!

gaylafriend said...

THAT is hilarious!