Monday, September 19, 2011

Couple of Funnies

Two funny stories:

First, Sophia was watching Dr. Doolittle 2 today.  Told me during dinner that it maybe wasn't a good movie, because they said some bad words.  I said with a bit of concern and regret for not screening it better, "like what?"  

"Oh, it's bad," she said.  "They said butt and COWARD!!"  Jossie says, "What does coward mean?"  Sophie: "OH, you didn't even know what it meant?!  I knew I shouldn't have even said it out loud. Jossie, it's really bad."  

She felt really bad about that word.  I love sweet innocence.  

Second.  This one is a sad reflection on me, but funny nonetheless.

The other day during homeschool, the girls were being a bit loud, not listening, etc.  I had to call Joe for some reason and told them to be quiet so he didn't hear them being naughty in the background.  Well, Norah thinks she'll use the moment to get her sisters to laugh (always way more important than obedience in our house).  So, she stands under me in the doorway looking at her sisters while I'm on the phone.  She has a play phone, and starts snapping her fingers with the phone on her ear, pointing to her sisters and says, "Shush yo moufs gulls! You want Daddy to heaw you?" (No 'r's for her.  I'm waiting til 2nd grade to see if she gwows out of it, because it is just so cute.).  

Oh my.  I blame Joe.