Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Oh Yeah, He's That Good

God, that is...

I told you we were believing for No Celiac for Sophia. Well, I was very frustrated at her growing discomfort. So, I just had resolved that though I knew God could give us a good report regarding that, I would try a gluten-free diet and see if it made a difference. We couldn't get into the Pediatric Gastro doc until September, and that just wasn't acceptable to me that she should suffer that long. She'd been moaning in her sleep with the pain. Ugh!

Well, the gluten-free didn't seem to be making a difference, but I thought maybe it just hadn't been long enough. I scheduled with a naturopath, because I just couldn't make her wait another 2 months. Also, the Ped. G.I.'s way of testing for Celiac is a biopsy of the small intestine, and I wanted alternative diagnosis techniques for my 6 year-old.

Then yesterday afternoon, I got a call from the Ped G.I. saying they had a cancellation for 3:15 if we could make it. My friend watched the other 2 girls and Joe, Sophie, and I scooted on over there.

He was really a funny doctor, making jokes with Sophie the whole time. My little shy girl didn't quite know what to think, but just kept smiling and laughing. He was getting a history, and I was telling him about her aches, poor sleep, irritability, diabetes and that trauma, and as a baby she had reflux (who knows what makes a difference in diagnosis). He looks at her and goes, "Boy you're a lot of trouble, huh? Are you sure you're worth it?" Joe and I were laughing. She just stared at him smiling with that I don't know if that was funny or not, but I'll just keep smiling and laughing nervously look.

Somewhere in there he pipes up, "Oh, she doesn't have Celiac, by the way." Huh??? After asking our family histories, and gleaning that mom has history of constipation, as does her whole family have IBS (what? too much info? Hey, we all need more fiber people! Sorry family for revealing YOUR poop problems, but you don't really read the blog, so you'll probably never know. Ha! ) he decides she too has Irritable Bowel Syndrome. Whew! Not excited about that, as she's still in a lot of pain, but she doesn't have to forgo bread and good pasta, and EasyMac for the rest of her life! So now, she's on a high-fiber, low fat diet, with no spicy foods, for 3 weeks, and then we can see which actual foods make her hurt once she's feeling much better.

He also gave her some Levisn for stomach cramps/ulcer treatments. I stupidly gave her one before bed because she had been crying all day about her tummy hurting and I wanted the pain to stop. I'm usually good about researching before I give out a new medicine prescribed to one of my kids. Now this morning, my research hasn't revealed much other than it can make you loopy and irritable. But, last night she screamed out in her sleep for a few hours. Not pain screams, just very active dreams and angry words kinds of screams, like Get off of me Jossie! Stop that Jossie! And when I came in to test her blood sugar at 1:30 am, she usually sleeps through it, but instead jumps up and screams, "What are you doing?!! I can test myself!!!" Ok then, I'll let you and hope I can sneak on out of here without you yelling anymore. Good times! She also woke up with swollen eyes and cheeks, like an allergic reaction maybe?? I don't know. I didn't like it though.

So, now we get to figure this one out, but I'm still so relieved about her NOT having Celiac. Yay!!!

All-Bran everything, here we come!


Gayla said...

yeah!!!! God is good!!!

and there's no such thing as TMI in the blogosphere. :-)

Jill said...

That's great news, Anj!