Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Camp is good!

This is just a follow-up on the last post, for those who are wondering.

She's enjoying her time there. She met a friend the first day with the exact same pink pump! She was proud, because she showed the new friend how to turn the light on the pump.

And I was shocked to learn that she went on a big swing where she had to wear a helmet and a special belt that kept her attached to the swing. They cranked her high until she said stop and then she let go of the swing. She loved it! Yesterday she went canoeing, which she loved. She opted not to go on the very tall ropes course, maybe after her friend was crying at the top since it was so high.

The first night we came to pick her up, there was a free dinner and family swim time. She was so exhausted that she just cried to go home. We agreed, got to the car, and then Jossie cried about wanting to swim. So, Sophie calmed down and decided it would be fun to show off her camp to the family. We had a great time swimming together. I was surprised how much more confident Sophie had gotten in the water after one day away from Mom and Dad. She had a bit of an independent way about her for the entire evening. Even Norah decided she would rather swim without help. She managed to keep her head above water (with a life jacket on, of course). She also would lean backward and put her toes up out of the water. She was also very proud of herself.

The next day of camp, Sophia hadn't gotten enough sleep, so we could hardly wake her enough. She was trying to refuse to go to camp. After she got her wits about her and got dressed and in the car, she agreed she was excited and glad she was going back.

So, as I'm sure is true with most camping kids, she's totally exhausted at the end of each day, but having a great time. Her sugar numbers have been really good, so that's a relief. Some parents are reporting their kids being low all night long, and having difficult times getting their kids #'s to come up. I'm still getting up every night around 2 am to check her and make sure, because apparently exercise can have a latent effect on blood-sugar, so it's worth double-checking.

The heat has been near 100 each day! I'm enjoying the A/C, I must stay. It's amazing to see how red-cheeked the kids at camp are by the end of the day! I feel for the workers. Hope you're staying cool!


Jim, Guacamole Diet said...

Life is an adventure, isn't it? It sounds like you're handling it very well. Best wishes.