Thursday, March 12, 2009

Attitude Adjustment Needed, or Maybe Just Chocolate

As an addendum to last night's post...ugh! So, like I was saying about the unpredictable nature of this disease, she was low most of the day yesterday, and continued to go low after given a snack of milk and animal crackers to bring her up. So, I gave her juice and 2 crackers with peanut butter (20 carbs...more fast-acting with the juice). She was 115 when she went to bed, and since she had been low all day, we decided to check her in the middle of the night. We tested at 12:30, and she was 465!!


So, she gets a shot in the middle of the night. Thank the Lord, I was able to wake her up enough to make some jokes with her and get her to understand that she needed to test and get a shot, without food to accompany. I said, "Can you imagine any other 5 year-old's getting up in the middle of the night and pricking their finger and getting a shot? You're a tough cookie!" She laughed.

I went to bed sad and confused. The corrections are just not easy to figure out. I am waiting for the Diabetes Center to call me and discuss the craziness of it all, so I can figure out if it was just a fluke of a day, or if I did something wrong with the insulin/carbs, etc.

We've had a super-busy week with errands, activities, doctor's appointments, parties, etc. So, I was looking forward to today with nothing to do and I could catch up the house. I woke up with the beginnings of a virus, and Norah and Jossie have been sick with one for over a week, and Sophia thought she was going to puke.


Well, I wouldn't be sad if anyone just showed up at my door with Thin Mint cookies or Dark Chocolate truffles from Whole Foods.

Is that bad?

Oh well. We did have the rare pleasure of big soft snow-flakes falling today. Norah was THRILLED!! She calls it Gnow. We put on coats and hats and went outside and caught flakes on our tongues, and danced, and Sophia and Jossie had a fun make-believe world going, and we made a hop-scotch and all jumped. Then the yellow snot was all over their faces, and Momma had to make the call...Time to go in!!

Here are a few pics from today.


Jeanette said...

I'm finally catching up on my blog reading. Love the pictures! You are doing a wonderful job! Don't second guess yourself! Love ya!