Monday, July 11, 2011

One of Those Days

You know...where all 4 kids have something funky going on.

Well, to be fair, Jude is perfectly healthy, but he got in a weird sleep cycle Saturday night and Joe and I took turns walking with him until he fell asleep for me at about 3 am in the living room.  But, not before he had woken everyone in the house with his crying.  His very tiring crying cycle occurred right after Juice. A. Moose came in and screamed loudly, "My ears really hurt!!"  

Sophie's been battling high blood sugars since the last day of camp.  I'm sort of at a loss at this point.  They discovered a crack in her pump, so I was told to call Medtronic.  Medtronic promptly sent us a new one...and it was purple!!  These sorts of things excite us.  If it's got to be worn...why not a new color?  And the purple is so pretty!

Anyway, I've upped her rate, changed her site twice, given her shot corrections, upped her rates, upped her rates, corrected...I don't know what to think to be honest.  Still no ketones, so I'm thankful.  It wears on me night and day though.  I'm constantly trying to figure out what I'm doing wrong.  Is she sick?  Is she growing?  Is the new pump not working?  Ugh!!  

Then, Sunday morning Norah woke up with a tummy ache and saying, "I need to go to da doctor!"  Drama is not in short supply around here, so I have to weigh out all statements with what I can see.  So, I gave her infant gas medicine, encouraged her to poop, gave her kale, gave her chocolate coconut milk...somehow convinced that it must have to do with poop.  It's a time-tested theory: child with tummy ache...must have to poop!  She seemed to feel well enough to go to church, so off we went!  Pulled into the parking lot and she barfed all over the floor of the car.  So, home we went!  

A little rest and some mac-n-cheese, and she seemed to be back to normal.  Played with her sisters in the pool for a while.  Then came in doubled over in pain, starting to have a fever, fell asleep on the couch.  Now I'm starting to worry.  I go google it, and keep coming up with possible appendicitis.  I'm thinking I'm overreacting, and also thinking I have mommy instincts for a reason...and this one just doesn't feel right.  Called a friend who's a doctor.  He was so helpful to listen to my concerns.  Called our nurse-on-call through our doc office..she said, "she's been in pain for too many hours, struggling to walk, crying out in pain in her sleep...we want to have her seen."  So, off to the E.R. at midnight we go.  Thankfully, they were not crowded, and well-run.  

But, poor sweet Noni-bear...oh, I felt for her.  She has a serious poker face.  If you know her, you know what I mean.  If she doesn't know you really well, she will not speak to you, will not smile, will not acknowledge you are saying anything.  So, the doctor is pushing all over her very sore tummy, and she just lays there not saying a word, blinking back the tears.  He said he could tell she was in pain by the way her body was resisting.  She peed in a cup and it came back urinary tract infection.  Yay!  Simple problem, no surgery.  I was a happy momma.  She was so funny all night though...well, as long as you weren't a stranger poking on her belly.  She chatted and talked about EVERYTHING.  Such a girl.  We were amazed at how much she has to say when she's not competing for attention from sisters.  

Then, this morning Jossie's ear was still really hurting.  "Mommy, it hurts to smile."  Well, we can't have Miss Joyful hurting when she smiles.  So, since my sis-in-law had driven down to stay with kids while we went to the E.R. last night, and was still there with us, I used the great opportunity to run her to the doctor sans siblings.  Swimmer's ear.  Glad I went.  So sore.  

Poor babies.

I'm pooped.  I hope they all feel better tomorrow.