Sunday, May 2, 2010

Suicidal Fish and Buzzy Fingers

So, we started off the day like any Sunday, getting ready for church.  

Jossie and Norah were in their room playing on the floor, when all of a sudden I hear Jossie yell, "There's a fish on the floor!!"

Well that can't be good.

We have these two goldfish and a beta.  I like them, because they are soooo low-maintenance.  But, they've been kind of funny for fish.  We call them dog-fish, because when you walk into the room they literally wag their tails, and bump up against the glass trying to get our attention so we'll feed them.  They'll even follow you to the other side of the tank when you walk across the room.  Occasionally they get so excited that one will make a splash at the top of the tank.  

Well, apparently the splash went too far this time.  I have no idea when it happened, because when I ran into the room, he was laying perfectly still in the middle of the carpet. We all huddled around staring at him in amazement that there he the middle of the carpet.  Then Sophia came into the room and started crying and ran off, because she realized it was her fish (who coincidentally doesn't even have a solid name...for a fish that we're so emotionally attached to.  But, that's beside the point). 

I was contemplating how beneficial his dead body would be to my garden.  Though of course I didn't mention it in a cold-hearted manner.  I leaned closer and noticed his big gill moving ever-so-slightly.  I said with caution, "I think he may still be alive."  I knew I had to act fast.  This was my first attempt at any CPR, much less fish CPR. So, I picked him up by the tail...and let me say he was pretty sticky and stiff, so I wasn't holding out much hope. I plopped him in the tank, and rubbed his sides a little...hoping to un-sticky him and get the air flowing or something.  Seriously, I had no idea, but I had a little hope.  

In a moment he started moving his fins a little.  He was still pretty much belly-up at this point, but hey, he was showing a bit of life.  I excitedly, but hesitantly told the girls he might just make it...and then again, he might not.  I sprinkled a little food over by him hoping that would excite him into alertness, since he's been such a big fan of the stinky flakes his long life.  We all had to resume getting ready for church.  But, before we left, we noticed he was actually swimming.

He's changed a bit.  Like maybe he's got a wee bit of brain damage.  He's definitely swimming, but no banging on the tank for our attention, and it's taking him quite a while to notice the flakes above.

Crazy Fish!!

Joe's decided that he's not necessarily "alive," but more like "undead."  

Cue the creepy Twilight Zone music...

Fish stories aside...this afternoon, we were at the mall.  Jossie and Norah and I were getting some ice cream when Jossie notices that two of her fingers are tingly and asleep.  She says, "Mommy, my fingers are buzzy."  I said, "Yeah?  They're probably just asleep.  It happens sometimes.  You let me know if it keeps up for a few days or something."  Don't ask me why, but maybe it's something a mom should be concerned with?? I don't know.  

Anyway, so a moment of silence goes by (and if you know Jossie, there really are only a few milliseconds of silence in her life), and she exclaims, "OH MAAAAAAN!  Those were my favorite two fingers!!"

I love that girl!  Who else would have favorite fingers?


Gayla said...

love it, Anj!

Love the way you write these stories. The stories are funny but the way you write them is so clever- it makes them really come alive! You have a gift!

zach+kate said...

enjoyed your post :)

3galsmama said...

I adore the way you tell stories! Maybe the little fish was buzzy, too!

RACHEL said...

Love hearing about your girls - and your newest addition be it boy or girl!!) Summer is a-coming - let's have some family get togethers!