Sunday, August 23, 2009

Jossie's New Do

Yeah, so, I wasn't exactly planning on cutting Jossie's hair....

The other day, I'm having a happy mommy moment where I am busy organizing the heck out of the girls' room and they're getting along together in the office, where they're playing beauty shop. Sophie had a little mirror and chair set-up. She had dress-up clothes, make-up, and plastic jewelry to put on the wee-ones.

She'd even colored a little salon picture so they'd know where they were when they walked in the door.


So sweet, my little angels. I am so blessed to have these moments where they are so happy together.

Then, as though the album of happy music which plays in my head, has suddenly come to a screeching halt:

Jossie comes in with that nervous laughter (like she thinks it's funny, but is afraid I might not so much), and says "hee, hee, hee, Mommy, don't be mad, but Sophie just cut my hair."


A bit of over-reacting was to follow.

"So," I say to Sophie, "Just tell me that you did know better, right?"

Soph: "Yeah, I did." (Head hanging low).

Me: "Serious consequences if that happens again, OK?"

Soph: "Yep."

So this is pre-cut: (gorgeous, huh?)

This is the wad of hair:

And this is her running carefree in the yard:

So, bottom line: she has bangs, which I don't love, but they go with her messy free-spirit style; and she has a large chunk cut off the side, which when the humidity hits, it curls and looks decent...not great, but decent. :-) She said to me: "Mommy, I asked her to cut it." Like don't be mad at her.

I later discovered when Sophie's hair was in a pony tail, some short pieces hanging down. "So, did you cut your hair too?" S: "Yes, but just so Jossie would know what to expect and that it wouldn't hurt." (Head hung low again).

Then, I kept thinking that Norah's hair seemed to have a rather straight cut in the top. So, a few days after our event I ask, "Did you cut Norah's hair too?" S: "Yeah." Me: "So, if you could just tell me all these things up front, rather than me having to discover them and ask you...that would be great!"

I guess you have to laugh. Don't most kids do this at some point? I just thought at 6 we were past that sort of curiosity.

Jossie goes around telling everyone: "Mommy says we can NEVER do that again!"


Angel said...

Oh my gosh! I didn't realize when I was looking at Jossie's hair how much she had actually cut. That was quite a bit. Maybe she will cut hair to pay her way through college. :)


Gayla said...

oh, wow. that IS a wad of hair! ben cut his hair once and i freaked out so bad that when he asks to use scissors now he STILL says, "but i won't cut my hair!" ...and that was for a BOY! Lord knows what i would do over a girl!!! :-)

Jeanette said...

Well obviously nana thinks there is nothing you could do to spoil the cuteness of Jossie. Even if it had all been cut short!!!