Tuesday, April 7, 2009


At the beginning of last week, we had all been a bit cranky. I was the worst, to be honest. But, I was determined we were going to change our attitudes.

When I'm really in a rut with how I'm thinking about life, I know I have to pray for help. I was pleading with God to give me/us peace and to help me think clearly about how to be the role model that I need to be as Mom.

So, we were doing homeschool, and as part of that, we start out before lessons praying together. We discuss any specific things we want to pray about first. Then I usually pray, unless they want to.

So, I'm leading by example and thank Jesus for dying for us and raising again that we might know Him and feel Him in our lives. Then I talked to Him about how sorry I was for being cranky and not obeying with my behavior and attitude. To which Sophie pipes up, "Yeah, God, me too." I thought that was so sweet. She struggles with shame and guilt, so for her to simply confess and acknowledge to God that she made a mistake and needs forgiveness was a huge step.

Then I was moving on with our prayer and Jossie was just quietly sitting there, and Sophie interrupts. "Oh, God...Jossie's sorry too for all of her bad things." Just in case Jossie didn't remember that she needed to confess, Sophie did it for her. What a helpful sister!
And look at her....What could she possibly have to confess?


Kelly said...

That his such a touching and funny story, those first borns, I can hear Charlie saying the same thing for Ellie, he talks for her all the time. And what a precious pic of Jossie I agree. Love you.

Anonymous said...

that is a sweet story...
love the new blog format!! (it's new to me anyway - haven't stopped by in a while :)