Thursday, January 1, 2009


How do I let these things happen? I blame it on being tired from staying up past midnight.

I was sitting at the computer tonight and Norah wandered off. Joe asked where she was, and I facetiously said, "probably playing in the toilet." To which Sophie said, "I'll go look for her."

"Nope, not in the front bathroom."

"Look in the other one," says Mom.

Moment later: Sophie comes running back giggling, "Oh my gosh! She totally has her hands in the toilet and is putting her hands up to her mouth like this and is drinking the water out of it!"

Screaming in my head!!! Screaming in my head!!!

I of course bolt in there to discover her also giggling as she's scooping toilet water into her mouth.

The only thing that saves the complete grossness factor is that at least no potty was left in the potty, and Joe said, "Oh, I even double-flushed last time!"

Good. Now I feel so much better.


Kipplyn said...

YUCK! Lily does the SAME thing! What is it with the toilet???? Sometimes there IS potty in the toilet!! We have a new rule of closing all the bathroom doors! (to add to the existing rules of flushing and closing the lid!!) Anyway- glad it isn't just me!

Jeanette said...

I'm convinced toilet water must be really tasty. Kids and animals love to drink it. Mind you, I don't think I'm curious enough about it to find out first hand!!!

SavannahDad said...

Ughhhh...throwing up a little...Landon wanted for me to pass along that he wants to see other people.